How Can I Use LIVE On TikTok?

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TikTok LIVE is a powerful platform that allows users to directly engage with their audiences and expand their reach. With recent updates, the platform provides even greater possibilities for creators and viewers alike with features like events, co-hosts, Q&As, live shopping, and more. In this guide, we will take a closer look at how to use TikTok LIVE and make the most of these new capabilities.

We’ll explore how users can create successful events featuring co-hosts or Q&As. We’ll also learn about the new live shopping feature that offers revenue generation possibilities for content creators. Finally we’ll discuss other tips for getting the most out of TikTok LIVE such as stream promotion strategies, audience engagement strategies, custom graphics & backgrounds and stream optimization tips.

What is LIVE on TikTok?

TikTok has just released a new feature called LIVE – a platform where you can stream and broadcast videos to your followers. With LIVE, users can interact with their audience in real-time, host Q&As, events and more.

You’ll learn how to use this powerful new platform and all the features it has to offer.

TikTok expands LIVE platform with new features, including events, co-hosts, Q&As and more

TikTok recently announced that it is expanding its LIVE platform with new features that provide even more ways to connect with and interact with viewers. With the new enhancements, users can now host events and perform Q&As with their audience, as well as invite others to join them for live duets. Additionally, users who have lots of followers will be able to designate a second display name which gives them the ability to co-host their live streams.

These features are all designed to provide a fully immersive experience for both streamers and viewers and make it even easier for viewers to engage with their favorite creators in real-time. The new features can be used on both TikTok and Instagram, so creators will be able to reach a wider audience than ever before.

The launch of these new features follows many other recent enhancements made by TikTok including expanded options for editing photos, adding footage from other devices, creating multiple mini-clips in a single video, adding sound effects or musical accompaniment to footage, as well as incorporating GIFs directly into videos. As more people get accustomed to using TikTok’s growing suite of tools on the platform, it’s safe to assume that these experiences will become even more popular as time goes on.

Benefits of using LIVE on TikTok

TikTok’s LIVE platform has recently been enhanced with new features. These include ways to hold events, ask questions, and collaborate with fellow users. Using these tools, users can access a variety of content depending on the interests they pursue, creating more engaging and interactive experiences on TikTok.

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The LIVE platform is an ideal setting for users to interact with their favorite creators and brands in real time. Creators can now co-host shows with other popular influencers or complete Q&As for their viewers who might have follow-up questions. Further, brands can use LIVE to create events to promote products or services from the comfort of home. Hosts have the ability to select different guests that vary across backgrounds and interests, allowing them to learn from each other while delivering unique content in each broadcast.

In order to add more interactivity with viewers during broadcasts, TikTok also allows hosts to promote questions during the stream via an interactive box that viewers can use at any moment as well as Q&As after the broadcast ends so everyone has time for feedback. This will enable creators to share knowledge about any topic related to their creations and become even closer with their audience.

Using all these features together allows you to create amazing content tailored specifically for you by involving your audience directly in choosing topics of discussion, getting feedback from viewers during and after broadcasting, create a reliable community engaged among fans who get exclusive access during streamers’ shows or special events hosted live on TikTok by collaborating with fellow creators and leveraging reach between them both!

How to Use LIVE on TikTok

TikTok recently announced that it is expanding its LIVE platform, giving users more options to engage with their fan base and monetize their content.

With the new features, users can host events, co-host other users, do Q&As and much more.

In this article, we’ll explore how you can take advantage of these new features to use LIVE on TikTok.

Setting up a LIVE Stream

TikTok LIVE is a great way to create a connection with your viewers, build an engaged following, and increase engagement on your content. You can start a live stream anytime by tapping the “Go Live” button at the top of your feed.

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Before you go live, make sure to choose the proper setting for your stream: Public or Private. For public streams, anyone who has access to the platform will be able to join in and watch. With private streams, you can select up to 8 people who will have access to view and comment on it.

If you’d like additional features for your LIVE stream, such as co-hosts or Q&As with viewers, you can enable this from within the settings menu before going live. You can also set up “events” so that viewers can join at certain times in order to tune into special content or event streams that are airing live! In order for these events to be scheduled, they must first be created prior to going live.

When it comes time for your stream to begin, users on both iOS and Android devices will be able to join right in by pressing the live video icon within their feeds – so don’t forget publicity! As long as both users are registered under the same country version of TikTok (for example US TikTok or France TikTok), they will be able to join any livestream regardless of region restrictions. After starting and managing an event or other additional features from within Settings tab during pre-broadcast setup more options related specifically to these features may appear onscreen during LIVE (e.g. allowing you and others onscreen with Co-Hosts feature).

Once finished streaming, all streams are saved automatically either onto user’s hard drive (for longer storage) or TikTok servers (shorter storage) depending on when most recently backed up via either App Save operations while broadcasting – (which saves item immediately onto device)or Post-Broadcast save operation after concluding stream – (which stores package “in cloud”; uploads total broadcast + saves onto personal media library). Therefore broadcasting LIVE & using this platform is becoming increasingly popular amongst it’s active user base & is definitely one feature many have come accustomed too!

Adding Co-Hosts to your Stream

Adding a co-host to your stream can be done quickly and easily on the TikTok LIVE platform. Co-hosts can help you make your live streaming experiences more engaging, add more views and help make conversations with your audience much smoother. Here’s what you need to know about adding co-hosts to your stream:

Before You Start:

1. Make sure you have at least two followed accounts you want to host with – these are the people who will be able to join in on the livest*ream.

2. Make sure each of them is an active participant in the live stream – they need to be willing and able to engage with and respond to questions from viewers as well as take part in conversations during the stream.

3. As a best practice, be sure both hosts have made themselves available for calls such as FaceTime or Skype before starting so that any audio-related issues can be sorted out ahead of time (if needed).

4. Once everyone is ready for the livestream, click on “+” under the “Live” tab in TikTok, then click “Go Live”. Your followers page will appear – this is where you can select co-hosts from amongst those who have been following you for some time . Alternatively, if someone you know has been invited via direct message, they will appear here too!

During The Livestream:

1. Depending on whether or not all co-hosts are online at once, you’ll either need only one of two clips open – that’s right – one video window per host! Each video window will display all activities done by that particular person for everyone else who is watching/participating in the livestream.

2. More than just being able to chat with viewers together, co-hosts can also take over from one another at any given moment just like one traditional solo presenter might using chat features made available on other platforms such as Twitch or YouTube Live Chat even when off camera/behind a desk! Swapping streams should happen seamlessly if they use their existing social media accounts while going live (such as Facebook) rather than having all their chats merged into one single input source when streaming with TikTok LIVE platform facilities due its ability account linking across networks (prior arrangement necessary).

3. Streams last between 3 minutes up until 30 minutes depending o popularity involved – viewers must keep them interesting so contributors don’t start dropping off! Additionally, users can add questions asked by fans during their free chats alongside regular streaming LIVING sessions – making it an ideal way both connect with fans whilst testing newest additions software which may still require tweaking .

Adding Q&A Sessions to your Stream

Q&A sessions can be a great way to engage and interact with your audience while you’re LIVE on TikTok. Adding a Q&A session to your broadcast gives your viewers the opportunity to ask questions while you’re streaming.

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To add a Q&A session, simply tap the Person+ icon located in the upper right corner of your broadcast view. Once you’ve enabled it, your viewers will see the questions they submit appear in an interactive box on their screens. Your role as host is to answer as many of them as you can – from the same page, or by sitting back and browsing through all of them in detail.

You may also add Co-hosts to join your stream – simply tap on the Co-host icon + at the bottom of your live stream page, type in their username (including @) and click ‘Invite’_This makes it easier for people who don’t have TikTok accounts to join in on a broadcast and exchange ideas or commentary with guests from around the world! You can even schedule events at specific times so that those who wish to join or watch can plan accordingly.

These new features make LIVE on TikTok more interactive and engaging than ever before – with plenty of opportunities for audience engagement while streaming. From Q&As, events and co-hosts – there are various ways to build unique experiences around content shared using LIVE that make it more engaging for both viewers and broadcasters alike!

Creating Events with LIVE on TikTok

Events are a way to engage your followers and build community on TikTok. With the introduction of the LIVE platform, users can now host a wide variety of events, including interactive Q&A sessions, co-hosted sessions with friends, video game streamers and more. Hosting events allows spectators to directly participate with the content creators in real time.

To get started creating events with TikTok LIVE, first you must login to your account. From there you can access the Dashboard in Settings to find “Create Event” under “Events”. Once you’re in the Create Event page you’ll need to schedule an event by adding the title, event duration (must be between 10 minutes and 3 hours) and privacy setting for your livestream. Then customize further details such as descriptions, key topics of conversation or guests who will join you during the LIVE session. You can also designate if it will be a Q&A or someone specific joining you during your broadcast as well as comment moderation settings so users won’t spread offensive messages throughout your Live Chat feed during the broadcast session. Once all options are set-up properly push “Create Event” at the bottom of the page and VOILA! The official Event is ready for launch day!

Once Live streaming day has arrived start broadcasting right away—participate in conversations within the Live Chat feed by replying directly to comments–and when it’s time for conclusion announce before ending broadcast –ask users for feedback about their recommendations for future broadcasts and say thank for participating! After officially ending broadcast don’t forget delete pending questions from previous live chats as well as revoking its access from user’s profiles —stay safe online! =)

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