Catapult IP’s Plans For The BlackBerry Patents

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BlackBerry Limited, formerly known as Research In Motion (RIM), is a Canadian multinational company and supplier of mobile communication, data services, and wireless devices. Established in 1984 and headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, the company has become one of the leading providers of mobile devices and services around the world.

In order to focus on developing software technologies for its products and services, BlackBerry sold certain legacy patents to Catapult IP Innovations under an agreement announced in April 2018. The sale which was valued at US$600M included patents related to network architecture & infrastructure, messaging & communication infrastructure & clients, multimedia applications & content streaming, software enhancements application lifecycle management & security. The deal gave Catapult rights to license 700 granted US patents as well as 3100 patent applications from BlackBerry’s portfolio including some worldwide exclusive rights.

Overview of Catapult IP Innovations

Catapult IP Innovations Ltd. is a Canadian-based holding company that was formed to purchase the legacy patents of BlackBerry Ltd. In a landmark deal in December 2016, Catapult IP acquired the rights to over 44,000 patent assets that have been developed by BlackBerry over its history as an industry leader in technological innovation. The portfolio includes today’s leading-edge wireless technologies such as software, hardware, medical devices and communications systems.

The acquisition provides Catapult with an innovative base from which to create new products and services for current and future market opportunities. Valued at US$600 million, this strategic purchase enables Catapult to further its commitment to accelerating the development of next-generation technologies for all world markets including mobile networks, cloud computing platforms, artificial intelligence and more.

In addition to expanding its intellectual property portfolio through the purchase of these patents from BlackBerry, Catapult IP has made significant investments in the research and development efforts necessary to leverage these valuable technical resources into groundbreaking products and services with far-reaching impacts worldwide. As an IP holding company focused on innovation excellence, Catapult will now be equipped with unique technical advantages in many applications areas which grants it access to lucrative revenue streams across a variety of industries around the world.

Catapult IP’s Plans

Catapult IP Innovations recently bought BlackBerry’s legacy patents for an amount of US$600M. The sale of these valuable patents leaves us wondering about Catapult IP’s plans for them.

In this article, we will explore the potential strategies Catapult IP has to maximize value from this acquisition.

BlackBerry sells legacy patents to Catapult IP Innovations for US$600Ms

Catapult IP Innovations, a strategic patent and IP platform, has agreed to purchase a portfolio of legacy patents from BlackBerry for US$600M. Through the acquisition of this major asset, the company is leveraging its core intellectual property platform capabilities to create a portfolio of world-class IP assets that can be used to create value across the range of products and services offered by Catapult IP.

catapult ip innovations januarymehtareuters

Catapult will leverage these assets by creating a global platform dedicated to monetization and litigation activities focused on generating value from its Intellectual Property (IP) assets. The centerpiece of the strategy will be heavily investing in commercializing existing patent portfolios along with protecting their interests through expanding and defending these holdings, providing them with an asset base that is diversified across multiple technology sectors. Along with aggressive development activites across different fields, the company is also confident in engaging actively in litigation when necessary to protect their investments in innovation.

The company will further utilize the newly acquired resources for strategic collaborations, negotiations, technology transfer and commercializing inventions. Through this approach Catapult plans on delivering high returns through focused investments and intense near-term activities as well as building out value over time with deeper involvement into R&D patent licensing portfolios or joint development programs in multiple technology categories. Ultimately Catapult is positioning itself as an organization able to operate at all stages of the innovation pipeline: conception, protection and monetization through strategic management of their much sought after legacy patents.

Exploring opportunities to license the patents

In acquiring the BlackBerry patents, Catapult IP Innovations aims to turn them into a viable business using its expertise in monetizing intellectual property. Licensing may be a lucrative option for realizing the maximum potential of these patents. That’s why Catapult IP is exploring opportunities to search for qualified partners that can manage each patent as well as license it out to others that need access to the intellectual property.

To make this goal more achievable, Catapult IP has already taken steps to assemble and review a deep roster of partner companies, actively assessing each one’s qualifications and capabilities. This involves researching their background, ascertaining their industry traction and specially checking on their financial strengths. In addition, Catapult IP is also cataloging all associated patent documents into digital format so they can be more easily accessed by prospective partners worldwide.

Working with partners to develop new products and services

Catapult IP Innovations is working with partners to develop new products and services using the patents acquired in the BlackBerry sale. This includes a range of industries, from automotive to consumer electronics and various other sectors. The company sees the BlackBerry patents as a valuable source of innovation for existing companies and start-ups alike, offering them the opportunity to license aspects of their technology for use in their own products.

Catapult IP Innovations will be focusing on two key areas with this purchase: patent monetization and patent licensing. Through its patent monetization program, Catapult IP will be actively seeking out potential customers or investors who might be interested in licensing or otherwise benefiting from these patented technologies. Catapult hopes to expand the value of these patented technologies beyond just financial rewards and create sustainable partnerships that could lead to advancements in multiple sectors.

In addition to monetizing existing intellectual property (IP), Catapult IP Innovations also intends to utilize its newly acquired BlackBerry patents for further innovation and development through its patent licensing program. Through this process, Catapult IP looks to work closely with partners across various industries so they can access technologies powering both current and future mobile devices as well as leading-edge solutions created by other organizations based on decisions made prior by BlackBerry engineers stretching back over a decade or longer ago. Such collaborations could lead to numerous new products or services that offer users even more convenience or better user experience overall.

Benefits of the Acquisition

With the acquisition of the BlackBerry legacy patents, Catapult IP Innovations stands to benefit significantly. With a purchase price of $600M, the venture will gain access to a wide range of portfolio of patents, as well as access a global pool of talented researchers and innovators.

Let’s take a closer look at the advantages of this acquisition.

Adding value to the BlackBerry brand

The US$600 million sale of BlackBerry’s legacy patents to Catapult IP Innovations is expected to extend the value and life of the BlackBerry brand. The acquisition allows BlackBerry to focus on managing innovation, moving away from a tangible patent-driven ownership model.

catapult innovations 600m januarymehtareuters

Catapult IP brings experience in developing cutting-edge patent monetization strategies that focus on driving incremental licensing revenues, while freeing up capital and resources for technology development efforts which build upon core strengths of the BlackBerry name. As part of the deal, Catapult IP will acquire access to a comprehensive library of high-value patents originally developed by BlackBerry, providing a powerful toolshed with which to explore commercial opportunities for exploitation.

The agreement brings together experienced players in respective fields, leveraging each party’s unique set of skills for creating maximum impact for both companies. It is expected that by combining their respective talents and resources, both partnerships have an excellent platform from which to increase the value delivered by their combined intellectual property portfolios.

In addition, Catapult IP has committed to maintaining and developing existing licenses from users outside the core BlackBerry product family. This will ensure ongoing opportunities for companies making use of legacy technologies as well provide additional incentive for those looking at using newer developments within this field. With an expansive catalogue of well-known names such as WhatsApp and Instagram linked with BlackBerry software expertise, expectations are high regarding potential opportunities across all spheres having implications on wider monetary returns associated with this transaction.

Creating new revenue streams for Catapult IP

The recent US$600 million acquisition of BlackBerry’s legacy patents by Catapult IP Innovations will help the company create new revenue streams from its intellectual property portfolio. The acquisition provides exclusive rights over 11,000 patents and patent applications, positioning the company to maximize its return on investment. These include wireless communication, digital imaging and security technologies, innovation for which BlackBerry has become known globally.

catapult ip innovations 600m januarymehtareuters

Catapult IP stands to benefit immensely from this transaction. By integrating these new technologies into its own unique business portfolio and leveraging them as part of a larger solution package, it can open up new revenue streams and create previously unavailable opportunities for growth. Furthermore, by making these technologies available to external clients who are looking for innovations to fuel mobile applications or IoT implementations using the cloud or edge computing, Catapult IP can significantly expand both the number of potential customers they serve as well as their target demographic across different types of industry sectors.

In addition, acquiring these patents will help Catapult IP stay ahead of rapid innovation taking place across a variety of industries such as health care, finance and manufacturing; allowing them to better meet their customers’ needs while reducing risk associated with being unable to keep up with changes in technology implemented in products or services by larger competitors. This move is expected enable the company to further solidify its position within the industry as an innovator and disruptor in order to explore avenues in emerging markets beyond their traditional offerings.

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