What To Expect

I’m thinking of visiting on Sunday…what should I expect?

(This page shares the feel of our Sunday morning worship. For more on our Sunday evening Dinner Church, try here.)

How do I get there?
Here’s a map. By bus we’re right on the 9A/B bus route, and by car there is ample parking on Washington or Alton Streets. Handicap Accessible Parking is in our lot off of Alton St. behind the church building.

What door should I use?
You can enter the church through the main red doors facing Washington St., or the elevator door that faces onto our parking lot. The side stairs under the awning lead down into our parish hall. (If you’re looking for an adventure, then try that way in!) Whichever door you choose, our greeter will be ready to welcome you!

Where do kids go during the service?
Kids worship right along with all the rest of us! There is a basket of toys and coloring sheets at the back of the church that kids are welcome to use throughout the service, and a rocking chair at the back for those with infants.

What kind of music do you play?
We sing mostly hymns, accompanied by organ music. The repeating tune of a hymn’s multiple verses, and the voice-like quality of the organ (which is in fact a wind instrument) both support folks in singing strong, whether you’re new to singing or a long-time vocalist.

What should I wear?
Our parishioners can be found in jeans and a t-shirt or slacks and a suit jacket. Folks who choose to dress up say that it’s part of how they remember how special our worship time is. Our “dress code,” like our hope for all of worship, is “be yourself.”

Will you make me stand up?
Nope! At least, not all by yourself. The Episcopal worship service includes using our bodies…standing, sitting, kneeling, walking…but your participation is always up to you, and we don’t ask visitors to do anything that the rest of us aren’t doing too!

Is there an “altar call”?
Not the way you might imagine…   A central element of worship in the Episcopal church is Holy Communion, also called “The Great Thanksgiving.” This is the part of the worship when we turn to the Table, or Altar, and we retell the story of Creation and of Jesus’ life, and then we bless and share bread and wine. Everyone is welcomed forward to receive either bread and wine (or either one alone) or alternately, a blessing. Or if you prefer, you can remain seated. We hope that by this part in our worship, you’ll feel welcome enough to choose what is good for you!