Dinner Church

0925161907bJoin us in the evening every 4th Sunday for something ancient & new, intimate & comfortable. Dinner Church is just what it sounds like, and a whole lot more…

Every few weeks we gather in “Bethany House,” across the driveway from the church building, to sing, pray, and eat dinner together, including breaking open the Word of God and sharing the Eucharistic bread and wine in the midst of dinner. Our songs are folk, gospel, praise, and hymns. Our reflections on scripture are personal and communal. Our prayers are diverse.

We gather for cooking and hospitality prep from 4-5PM and song, prayer and dinner from 5-7PM. To find out which particular Sunday we’re gathering next, check out the Dinner Church Portland Facebook page (full information) or Parish News page (just dates and times).

All Are Welcome. Visitors Expected!