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Praying the Daily Office

Stressed out by the weight of the world?  Or at least, your world?

A great way to center yourself in challenging times (or rejoice in wonderful times!) is to pray the daily office.  We have a new link at the bottom of our website to a great site that provides all you need to pray the daily office.  It offers a way to pattern your day, to take time in the mornings and the evenings to acknowledge the Source, to offer up concerns too big for us to handle alone and to reflect on those things in our lives that bring us deep gladness.  The Daily Office West blog compiles all of the prayers, scripture readings, and comments on the saints of the day into one easy to use site.  Pray a part of it or pray all of it!  Just know that each day you have a resource to turn to, one that can draw you into a life of rich faith.  Check it out.  Try it for a few days.  See if praying the daily office can help you put down that weight you’ve been carrying around.  After all, the yoke is supposed to be easy, and the burden very light indeed.



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